Friday, 9 March 2012

'We are Family'

Hi there...

Sooo can you tell we are related!?! Yes you guessed it....they are my sisters!  In fact I have six sisters and one brother! (Please don't feel sorry for my brother!)  People say we are similar, and you can tell we are sisters - but i just can't see it!! You can follow sister 'number 4' here...(FallingForFashion)

You may view having to wear hand me downs, sharing a room, or putting up with a certain level of noise a negative thing,  the truth is there are actually a good number of advantages to having six sisters which 'surpass' these...the biggest one, being the six wardrobes of clothes that come with it! What a perfect way to mix up my ‘look’ borrow/trade with my sisters! Perfect!

Anyway, I have a big night planned on the 17th – I am heading to a night called NoFitState in East London (residentadvisor) and have already started to plan my I really that sad!?  Despite having six sisters, and six wardrobes to rummage through....I can almost guarantee I will be shouting at the top of my voice ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR’. 

By the way...this picture was taken in Ibiza last summer....I'm wearing my my favourite 'summer 2011' top which i found on Ebay for like £10...Amazing find!!  (That's me in the centre - red lippy, levi denim shorts ;-) )  


Amy Grace

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