Sunday, 27 May 2012

'Lou Bou' Day!

Yesterday was a special day. A day that ranks above Christmas, birthdays and anniversary’ was ‘Lou Bou’ day!

It started off at the Christian Louboutin exhibition in London, where I was taken on a “magical journey of style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance”.   The exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s career and is defiantly worth seeing. You can buy tickets HERE

After looking at hundreds of ‘Lou Bous’, there was only one place I was going the flagship store!  I knew exactly what style, colour and size I wanted (‘Lou Bou’ day was planned 6 months before!)  With a price tag of £635, I nearly passed out handing over the card, but it was soo worth it.  After all...every fashionista should have a pair of Louboutin’s in their wardrobe!

Get planning your 'Lou Bou' day HERE

Amy Grace

Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi Guys,

‘Long time no speak’

I apologise for being a terrible ‘blogger’ lately. I have no excuse. Don’t worry though; I have been keeping up to date with all your lovely comments and emails. So thank you all so much!

Anyway, I have been rather busy on the shopping front (no change there), and wanted to show you what I've bought in the last few here it goes;
  1. Wedges - £55 - BUY HERE
  2. Romwe Shirt - £18.95 - BUY HERE
  3. Dip Dye Jumper - £36 - BUY HERE
  4. Disco Pants - £70 - BUY HERE
  5. Kilt - £14.99 - BUY HERE
I hope to have some pictures up this weekend, so you can see exactly how I am going to wear these little beauties!

Speak soon.

Amy Grace