Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mink Pink - Crochet

It's such a shame that I have no more festivals to go to this summer…("Big Sigh") but that doesn't mean I can't wear crochet…right? Right.  I had been eyeing up this Mink Pink crochet top for a very long time, but I just didn't have £95 to buy it…..until last week. Mink Pink is by far one of my favourite designers, and my number one place to head when i'm looking for that festival / boho vibe! I could probably list about 4 or 5 Mink Pink items that are on my current 'wish list'.  Back to the top…..It's made 'from an open weave crochet', has a slouchy cut with a laid-back, vintage style……perfect. Buy HERE

I have some great news.  In 2 weeks I will become the proud owner of a French bulldog!! Ahhh!  After months and months of discussing such a BIG commitment, we decided to go for it, and put down a deposit. We already have the name sorted….but i'll keep that a surprise!

From now on, every time I get a new outfit…...the dog get's one too!

Amy Grace