Tuesday, 6 March 2012


It’s the 6th March and I have just made my first purchase of the month…This lovely white, crochet dress from ‘Lipsy’.  Now I would never normally shop in Lipsy, I thought most of the stuff in there was ‘just not me’….Oh how I was proven wrong!  I loved this dress the minute I saw it…I think it was the big, buttoned up collar that did it for me! At £45, I did have to question my decision...but in the end I bought it…obviously!  

The only problem I have with this dress is the colour. Look how clean and ‘white’ it looks…I wonder how long that will last after a night out!?

I may have told a white lie…this dress was actually my second purchase of the month. I actually bought this tan bag from Zara at the weekend….I forgot about that one! Woops. 


Amy Grace

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