Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crazy T-Shirt

Long time no speak...

I have a few things to share with you today - this 'Crazy T-shirt' I bought from Topshop ('surprise surprise'), and this 'oh so cool' beanie hat I bought from E bay! 

This T-shirt is perfect to spice up any outfit, and I've heard that these beanie hats are the 'coolest way to beat the autumn chill', so I've been stocking up on all colours! I find they make any outfit instantly cool, and also cover up bad hair days...which i am prone to having most day!

I'm off to India at then end of November and I can't bloody wait! I'm starting to plan my outfits, and make a 'wish list' of things I HAVE to buy before I leave.

Moving on swiftly...I don't think I  have actually ever asked you lovely people, BUT if you would like to follow my blog then please do....OR you could follow me on Twitter / Instagram.  I'm pretty new to this Instagram 'malarky' so please bare with me...and I promise to post some pictures very soon!!

Amy Grace

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