Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jessie J

It’s Saturday 21st April, @ 19.22pm and I’m watching the latest singing competition to hit our screens...The Voice.

People use to say the best thing to come out of Romford was the A127....but now there is a new heir to the thrown...step forward MISS JESSIE J.

She is not your typical Essex girl when it comes to fashion. She trades in the high heels for hi-tops and the short skirts for statement tights.

I can honestly say she is my style icon at the moment, and I would happily trade in my wardrobe for hers!

If anyone can pull off a ‘Lycra Catsuit’ they must be cool

We salute you Jessie!

Amy Grace


  1. I think her outfits are so bold and utterly beautiful!

    1. I know...she is amazing!! Such good looks.x

  2. ah she is suchhh a babe! wish I was half as cool as her haha!! x

  3. jessie is HOT!! Love her bold style!.
    thankyou for your lovely comments!
    great blog! folowing you back

    love esme x

  4. Her body is insane.. she can pull of everything!!!


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