Sunday, 30 December 2012


This is my outfit from last weekend….shot yet again in my lovely east London flat!!

This t-shirt is my favourite…bought from Topshop Oxford Street a few weeks ago.  Perfect for a night out, it’s long enough to wear as a dress and has the most amazing design on the back!  What do you think?  This denim jacket was from a vintage shop on Brick Lane….I can’t remember how much I paid (I shop quite a lot!) but I remember thinking…’what a bargain!’.  I think it was made for a man…but Fu$k it!! PAHAA!

Lastly, this fur scarf was a Christmas present from me to me!  It arrived on Christmas Eve whilst I was sitting at my desk at WORK (Ergh).  Seriously though, have a look on EBay…there are some great ones!

I stayed in on Christmas day, the shops were shut, but I still managed to spend £150 online. I seriously have a problem…I spend money like there’s no tomorrow.  

Amy Grace

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  1. Love the shoes I can relate with the spending money like there no tomorrow :)


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