Friday, 2 November 2012


Is everyone excited for the weekend??? Because I bloody am!!!!  I have NOTHING to do this weekend which makes me so happy.

Since moving into my flat in London, I haven’t had any money to do anything….and that includes shopping!! (Well that’s what I thought before doing this blog post……)

I have 3 new items to show you….possibly 4 if my sister doesn’t read this!!!

I bought this shirt last week from Zara, that fits in perfectly with the ‘military’ trend.  You cant really see in the pictures, but it has some cool studs on the shoulders….BUY HERE.  My studded bag is also from Zara. I’m really loving there stuff at the moment….and will usually head there first if I’m on the hunt for something new!  The last thing I bought were this JC Studded Lita’s….I know there old news, and EVERYONE seems to have a pair, but I have wanted them for ageeees!  I spotted them in OFFICE for £150, BUT head to Urban Outfitters because there only £120 in there!! I have no idea why, but who cares!! 

Lastly…this lovely leather skirt that I ‘borrowed’ from my sisters wardrobe. Leather is so HOT RIGHT NOW…and I’m dying to get my hands on some leather trousers!! Any suggestions on where to go??? I don’t mind splashing out on a decent pair!

Oh and by the way…this fur coat is from Topshop LAST year, but I still love wearing it!!

Amy Grace


  1. Love the whole military look with the shirt. Lovely paired with that skirt and those shoes are AMAAAAAZIIIINGGG.
    Check me out and maybe follow eachother?

  2. Amazing military look! <3 I am following you now. Can you please follow me back? xx

  3. love your outfit :) :) followed you now :) mind following back? :) thanks a bunch!!!

  4. Wow, love your outfits! I follow you!
    Maybe you want to follow me back? :)

  5. Your boots is really cool. I like the spiky style that really rocks! I hope I have a pair of it.

  6. Hot hot outfit! Love the leather skirt, I have one just like it :) x


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