Monday, 17 September 2012


Sorry for the lack of communication recently…I have been super busy sorting my life out.  After 5 years together….I have finally moved in with the boy. Its rather exciting news, and have spent the last few weeks buying gifts for my new ‘East London’ pad…! It’s perfect….exposed brickwork, a double balcony, cow skin rug…the lot!!

We are finally saying goodbye to any hope of 'sunshine', as the winter months seem to be getting closer and closer…...and I have to say, this makes me rather happy! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sunshine.…But I much prefer dressing for Winter. I’m so ready to get my fur’s back out and start ‘layering’ my clothes for warmth.  So to celebrate the colder months coming (Am I weird for saying this?) I bought my first piece of knitwear! I know what you’re thinking….you crazy girl for buying a ‘black’ cardigan….but seriously, if you could feel this cardigan you would understand why…it’s so bloody soft!!! Get down to Topshop before it goes!

The T-shirt is from Ebay, and was only £9.99!! It's 'space inspired' print fits in perfectly with the 'Galaxy' trend that seems to be everywhere right now!! Buy it HERE

Last thing i promise.....if anyone reads/knows of any good 'interior design' blogs, then please send them my way!?

Amy Grace


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